Thursday, February 15, 2018

NUR 473-06 needs articles about a research instrument

I just had a chat from one of the 32 students in Dr. Amirehsani's NUR 473-06D section of Nursing Research. 

This student was looking for reliability, validity, specificity, and other information about a research instrument that her group has chosen: Katz Index of independence in activities of daily living

The only recent article that she could find was about a Turkish translation of this instrument.  That makes sense.  I pushed her to check her assignment instructions  - "did your instructor say you must use sources from the past 5 years?"  - b/c that wouldn't make much sense and would make this assignment unnecessarily hard.

Nope.  She checked with the instructor and got a fast response - there's no "five year rule" when these students are looking for information about a research instrument.

As always with nursing questions, feel free to forward them to me. Also I copied the guide to finding research instruments to this course guide:

If you're curious and have time to keep reading, here's what I did:

1. Google searched the instrument title to get more info.  Bingo, found another title that's commonly used: Katz ADL.  

For bonus points, I also found a copy of the instrument (if she'd been looking for the instrument itself, I would have been careful to point out any permissions info, author contact info, or a website selling the instrument - it's not cool to steal)

2. From that libguide on research instruments, I checked a couple of databases for the name of the instrument, with no date limits set.  Too many results, so I added a keyword for some of the info that she needed:

(Katz Index of independence in activities of daily living OR Katz ADL) AND reliability

3. There were some helpful looking older articles.  Also lots of other versions of this instrument to wade through (ugh).  CINAHL had the most helpful results, PubMed a close second 

Again, feel free to refer and please let me know if you have questions.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

JSTOR Coverage Missing--To be fixed Friday

There's currently an issue with JSTOR, affecting 40 collections.  They will not show up in Worldcat.  See message below from OCLC:

"Libraries with JSTOR serial collections (with the exceptions of:  scholarship, corporate, ejc, and jewishstudies) may not see links for a subset of JSTOR journal articles in WorldCat Local and WorldCat Discovery.

OCLC is working with JSTOR to resolve this. WorldCat Local and WorldCat Discovery libraries should expect a solution no later than Friday 16 February."

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Feature Films for Education (20th Century Fox) database

We have been notified of an issue with this database from off campus.  No issues have been reported with usage from on campus.  Google Chrome will display an error message if you try to view from off campus.  We tested other browsers--Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari--without incident. 

We have placed a note with this entry on its databases page: 

We are investigating the cause at this time.  We will update you when we determine what the fix is.  Please share with faculty or others who may be linking to this database in Canvas.  Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

ENG 251 students need signatures as proof that they have visited the Reference Desk!

Hi ref deskers!
Students from Maria Sanchez's English 251 class are getting extra participation points for visiting the reference desk. These students should have something for you to sign, and there's no need for you to provide any contact information or anything else other than your signature.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

Some NUR 370 students might want proof that they've contacted a librarian

Hi all,

A student in Nida Mullins' NUR 370 class thought that her instructor needed proof that she'd contacted a librarian for help.  Nida followed up to let me know that her students are required to work with the writing center, not the library.

But other students might have this same expectation. 

If a UNCG nursing student tells you that they're required to give proof to their instructor that they've contacted a librarian or the library  -
  • Chats - Email the transcript of your chat conversation to the student.  Tell the student to look in their spam folder for message, then send it to their instructor.
  • Phone contact  - Email me the student's name and email address, how they contacted the library, also please the instructor's name, email and course number for which they need to prove library contact.  Please be aware that I'm typically available Mon-Fri 9 a-2p, so a student trying to get word to their instructor at the last minute might have a delay.
  • Walk in patron - highly unlikely, Nida's section doesn't meet in Greensboro, handle as mentioned above for phone

Also, no worries about your status as librarian/intern/MIS degree or not - and thank you for representing the library and helping patrons :)