Monday, September 11, 2017


It's not just for boxing matches!

We occasionally come across pay-per-view or PPV articles in the catalog, and it's helpful to be aware that they exist and how to identify them. If the catalog says that we have access to an article and when you click to view the Full Text it's in Science Direct it's possible that it will give you an abstract only. It will appear that we don't have access. However, if you look above the article you may see a link that says Order Document. If the patron fills in their personal info, the article will be delivered to their email within 36 hours. The library pays for the article at the end of the month so the patron doesn't need to worry about being charged for anything. Have a look at this example:

It says Science Direct PPV

On the article page it looks like only the abstract is available unless you "login" or look somewhere else, but all you really need to do is order the document. In many cases, this is probably even faster than ILL would be.

One other place this might show up is through Ingenta PPV, though it is even less common. This is just something to keep in mind. Not every Science Direct article is like this, but now, if you see one, you will know what to do!

Not Connected Message appearing on all catalog results for WorldCat

From Kate:

As some folks mentioned earlier, we are seeing a message about "You are Not Connected to UNCG Libraries" on every screen.  This is a problem with a recent update from OCLC (grrr) and Terry has contacted them about this issue.  Access still works, you just need to go to the view now links and ignore that message.  Please let your interns and questioning patrons know!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

NUR 473 article scavenger hunt

There are three sections of NUR 473 nursing research this semester. One has an article scavenger hunt. 

There's a library guide for this course, but it isn't tactful to post some of this info there :)

Scavenger hunters need to find and identify one of each article type.  This is from assignment instructions -  "research article (qualitative or quantitative study), integrative review (aka literature or systematic review), and theoretically based (has a theory or conceptual framework)."

In CINAHL, you can add a keyword to narrow somewhat to certain article types.  If someone is interested in the use of restraints by nurses, these are some good searches:
  • restraints and research
  • restraints and integrative review
  • restraints and theor*
Please note:
  • in general in the sciences, research articles are ones where the authors gathered their own data. I can't tell students which articles to use for this assignment, so I'll give them that prompt and tell them to look in the methods section of an article. Do the authors describe a population studied, and other details of how they gathered data?
  • integrative reviews (IR) and systematic reviews(SR) are specific types of literature review that are very thorough!  Some systematic reviews include a meta-analysis.  If the instructions ask students to find either an IR or an SR, you could add any of these terms to search:  integrative review or systematic review or meta-analysis.  The article title or abstract should say integrative review or systematic review or meta-analysis.
  • an article title/abstract might say theory or conceptual model. I can't say which article will be acceptable to an instructor.
PubMed has much more content than CINAHL, but it can be more challenging to use.

As always, feel free to refer nursing questions to me. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dry Erase Markers & Erasers Supply

As a reminder, we can resupply our markers and erasers from the Access Services scanner cabinets.  You just need to go to the main desk and ask for the key.  If you need any help with this, please ask Nick or Liane!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Computers in the Reference Room

We have had some issues lately with monitors not coming on, or computers not coming on when students approach them. Two things to keep in mind:

With the new Windows image, the Log Out button is not in the same place it use to be, so many people have been simply shutting down machines when they are done.

If you walk up to a machine that doesn't "wake up" when you move the mouse, be sure that the power is on.

The other thing, as confirmed by ERIT'S Michael Reeder today is that several of the computer monitors--the Lenovo monitors in particular--get their cords wiggled a little loose when people move the machines to turn them on, or to plug in USB drives and headphones.

If you walk up to a machine that appears to be on but the monitor light won't turn green or show a display, reach behind the monitor and just be sure the cord is good and snug. It may appear at a glance to be connected, but it doesn't take much for it to be too loose to work.